Lamp Film-DJM LF 012 Matte Light Purple

Product: DJM LF 012 Matte Light Purple Lamp Film
Height: 1.52M/5ft (approximate)
Length: 30M/98ft (approximate)
We can customize to any specific size requirement.

  1.  High quality premium headlamp film
  2.  Cut to fit on any models’ lights.
  3.  Can be removed without damage to lights.
  4.  Adhesive back for easy installation and removal.
  5.  Can be easily stretched and repositioned during installation.
  6.  Great flexibility allows easier and faster installations.
  7.  Strong, flexible film can be heated and stretched around most challenging curves.

Manufacturer: DJM

DJM LF 012 Matte Light Purple Lamp Film
DJM LF 012 Matte Light Purple Lamp Film

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