DJM Matt Yellow Car Vinyl Wrap Sticker, Just Dress Up Your Car!

Wrapping enables change of color, without going to the trouble of a re-spray. It also offers some degree of protection for the paintwork.

DJM Matte Yellow Car Sticker
DJM Matte Yellow Car Sticker Used on Audi

DJM Matte Vinyl Wrap Colors available: Matte Gold, Matte Light Green, Matte Red, Matte Black, Matte Silver, Matte White, Matte Yellow, Matte Bright Orange, Matte Army Green, Matte Hologram Mosaic Black.

This DJM vinyl wrap has great flexibility, allows easier and faster installations, for some installation tips please look through JMS Forum.

If you are a end user, please buy it from Buy Now-DJM Matt Yellow Car Vinyl Wrap Sticker.

We are able to customize the size to suit your needs. Please contact our sales executives for wholesale prices and the latest color available.