TAKAR Matte Army Green Car Vinyl Wrap Sticker Used on 4×4 Truck Car

This matt army green car wrap vinyl sticker most used on 4×4 truck car and it works as a car clothes to protect your original paint.

DJM Matte Army Green Car Sticker Car Vinyl Wrap
Matte Army Green Car Sticker Car Vinyl Wrap

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Takar VF 011 Matte Army Green

Product: Takar VF 011 Matte Army Green
Height: 1.52M/5ft (approximate)
Length: 30M/98ft (approximate)
We can customize to any specific size requirement.
1. High quality premium vinyl
2. Great flexibility allows easier and faster installations.
3. Excellent conformability on concave and convex shapes including deep channels.
4. Can be easily stretched and repositioned during installation.
5. Does not leave adhesive residue behind when removed.
6. Will not harm paint surfaces when removed.
7. Built-in air release channels for easy, bubble-free installation.
8. UV and Water Resistant.
9. Very strong adhesive to ensure a long lasting hold.
10. 1.52m universal trim to fit sheet can customize most flat surfaces. Covers almost all car models.
11. Up to 10 year indoor life, 5 year outdoor lifespan. (Actual lifespan depends on environmental factors.)
Manufacturer: TAKAR

Takar VF 011 Matte Army Green
Takar VF 011 Matte Army Green

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