DJM Matte Color Car Wrap Sticker

Use DJM Matte Vinyl Car Wrap Sheets on vehicle roof, hood, trunk, body panels and interior to give a flat finish appearance. Available in 60″ matte blackmatte whitematte greymatte silvermatte gold, matte light green, matte red, matte yellow, matte bright orange, matte hologram mosaic black and matte army green.

DJM Matte Color Car Wrap Sticker
DJM Matte Color Car Wrap Sticker

• A matte finish car wrap provides a lightweight, economical alternative to paint and you won’t have to worry about paint protetion.
• DJM Controltac & Comply adhesive technology eliminates wrinkles and air bubbles.
• Pressure sensitive adhesive, clean removability up to 4 years.
• High quality 4 Mil cast vinyl conforms to the most challenging contours.
• Needs to be applied dry and can be re-lifted, repositioned and stretched.
• A car wrap can be laid down around compound curves, rivets & corrugation.

For some installation tips please look through JMS Forum.

If you are a end user, please buy it from Buy Now-DJM Matt Color Car Wrap.

We are able to customize the size to suit your needs. Please contact our sales executives for wholesale prices and the latest color available.

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