DJM Chevrolet Lova Straight Through

  • Product: DJM Chevrolet Lova Straight Through
  • Model: Chevrolet Lova
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Manufacturer: DJM
DJM Chevrolet Lova Straight Through
DJM Chevrolet Lova Straight Through

DJM Performance Muffler/Silencer:

Delivering a measurable increase in performance to the Lova, the JMS Power muffler boosts horsepower and creates a more aggressive sound to match while providing a deeper and more resonant engine sound that enhances both the presence and appearance of the vehicle. Constructed entirely of stainless steel, the JMS Power muffler meets all aftermarket noise limit requirements and features a polished muffler with a double-walled, wide-diameter slant-cut exhaust tip and rolled edge. Like all DJM exhaust systems, come with DJM Lifetime Warranty.

Please look through JMS Forum for Why Choose JMS Power Exhaust System?

If you are a consumer, please buy it from Buy Now-DJM Chevrolet Lova Straight Through.

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